How to add reaction roles to a Discord Server on PC or Mac

Reaction roles discord

Discord has flourished as a significant web forum for Windows, macOS and Linux text and voice chats. It aims at gamers, but Discord servers exist for all types of interests. A significant advantage of Discord over Skype is the ability to build a community-based, word and voice-enabling site. It is a move beyond group chats, sponsored by Skype and Discord, and permitted the connection between Websites, friend groups and streaming communities. Reaction roles are roles that users can assign to and without authorization to handle a message with emoji.

How to make roles on discord

There are three methods to explain how to add reaction roles discord

  1. Setting Up the Server

Sign in to Discord. You need to log into the web, not the device. You will exit the website and open the application once you are logged in (without logging out).

New server development. For this to function, you must have some permissions. You require managing servers, managing roles, managing channels, creating instant invitations, reading messages, sending messages and leaves for reactions. You can do this by can the part of an owner on a server so that you can automatically have all permissions or play a role.

Server setting

Build a reaction function channel to access messages. Click “Build Window,” and click on the arrow at the top left of the display (right of the server name).

Adjust “read” and “Add reactions” channel permissions for all. The bot added to the server must be able to access and respond to messages on the web.

Create the role you want to react to. Create a new function by selecting “Einstellungen” from the drop-down menu, by clicking the arrow in the top left (right of the server name). Click the “Roles” button on the list once in the settings and click the + to start a new role. They can be as easy to use as men or women, or you can play a role in accessing any locked screen.

  1. Using Zira
zibra bot

Send a message with reaction functions. Make sure it has the service and the role name of the emoji.

To the Discord server add Zira. Click on the “Zira” hyperlink and click on the blurred word “Invite.” You must then pick the server on which you would like to install Zira and test its permissions or uncheck them. Confirm and complete the reCAPTCHA by clicking on “Authorize.”


For setup commands, select a channel. A new channel, named for example “# role-setup,” or an existing one like #general may create it. The reaction function channel can only be used, but afterwards, you have to delete all messages to avoid misunderstanding.

Add permission to the reaction role bot discord “Allow anybody to discuss this role.” Zira must be able to pick up her job and find her ID to work correctly.

Shift the function of Zira beyond the reaction. Zira needs to be able to handle specific roles to delegate and tasks. Click and drag the reaction roles discord to Zira above all.

Use the command z / channel. Before anything else, you must allocate the channel ID[2]. To replace #channel with the channel which has the message reaction function, use a command z / channel #channel.

zibra active

Use the command z / normal to allow reactions to disallow. To actively assign and misassign responses from members, use the command z / normal: emoji: by @role, by replacing: emoji: by emoji and @role by pingable roles. The emoji should be added to the message ID automatically.

To make the position assignable one time, use the command z / once. Use the command z / once: emoji: @role, substitution: emoji: with the corresponding emoji, and @role with the pingable role, if you only want the part to be allocated with reaction and removed permanently with a response. The emoji should be added to the message ID automatically.

  1. Using Carl bot commands

Add Carl bot commands to server Discord. Click the “Carl bot” hyperlink and then click the “Call” button. You will then need to select which server to add and check or uncheck the permissions for Carl bot. After that, confirm and complete the reCAPTCHA by clicking “Authorize.”

For the setup commands, select a channel. You may explicitly make a new channel called “# role-setup” and use an existing channel such as #general, for instance. You can also use the reaction function channel only, but all messages need to be deleted after you have avoided discomfort.

Shift the position of the carl bot beyond the reaction. Carl bot needs to be able to handle specific tasks if it chooses to allocate and assign roles. Tap on the reaction position and drag and drag carl bot.

carl bot

Use! In the setup path, or make an order. It contributes to the creation of reaction roles. With “Hi. What canal do you want a message to be on?” Can Carl bot answer?

To create a message on the role channel, send a title and description. In Title Description format, it should include in the vertical shaft. An example is “@Role Respond by emoji:” to replace @Role in the following way: emoji: with the reaction.

Find and give a HEX code for the message colouring. The colour picker can use random letters/numbers type or the default colour answered with’ no.’

Send the emoji to the role, followed by the name of the character. The title and definition may be the same, only without the pipe. Pick and submit an emoji for the reaction with emoji: then the position name with no ping. You can build your message in up to 3 minutes. The colour, title, definition, emoji and function in the channel you chose will send.

If it crashes, see the Carl bot tutorial. Carl bot sometimes falls out, or you made an error. To see someone else set up this hyperlinked video, look.

Carl bot commands are very moderated and have several improvements to the discord server. Roles of response, feedback, surveys, creator of embed messages, complex custom commands.  All this and more makes Carl a successful version of your discord site. Carl bot does what is most common, but does it faster, better and without spamming and annoying meme commands. The server needs to be lowered from 3 to 4 or more bots to just 1. Carl bot use. Enjoy these utilities and be with us for more exciting news.