How to Create a Discord Poll on a PC or Mac

Discord poll

The human-research public opinion survey from a particular sample is an opinion poll, also referred to as a survey or an interview. Opinion polls typically intend to reflect a population’s views by answering several questions and extrapolating generalities in proportion or within intervals of trust. Discord bot to build surveys and issues quickly. With reactions, the members will vote.

There is no official polar program or discord poll bot facility; you can start up a pole and incorporate a bot using emoji reactions, which sets your poll. Discord, the online chat site, is a lot to like. It can be used and operated free of charge, it has VOIP support, and it can configure thanks to the support for the bots. This article is more about discord poll bot.

How to Create a Poll on Discord

Follow these simple steps to create a poll in Discord.

  1. Open your mobile device’s web browser. You would like to visit the website of Discord Poll Bot. It helps you to quickly create reaction polls and straw polls using text commands to create a free bot.
Poll bot
  1. Now press Discord under the header Get this bot. It takes you to the login page of Discord.
Discord login
  1. Here, by entering your email address and password and taping Password, you must connect to your Discord account.
  2. Under Add Bot to Server Header, tap the drop-down button. Then pick the server in which you would like to create a poll.
poll in discord
  1. Tap on the Authorize button.
  2. By tapping the checkbox, I am not a robot; you must prove that you are not a robot. Now, your Discord server has the Survey Bot installed. You’re going to use the Discord software from here.
discord in poll bot
  1. Open your home screen or device drawer’s Discord program. This program has a blue or purple backdrop and a white button game controller.
how to make a poll on discord
  1. Tap the server where Poll Bot discord has already installed. The server is in the address folder on your left-hand side.
  2. You want to select the platform on which the polls are asking. The channel will open, and its contents show.
Poll Bot discord
  1. Then, you want to add your Poll Bot to the channel.
  2. Straw polls allow you to get as many answers as you want. You can skip this phase if you are searching for a survey with only two responses.
add Poll Bot
Option 1
  1. A reaction poll can also generate via the Poll bot discord. It is a vote where emoji responses vote.
bot vote
Option 2


  1. In bot

It is easy to run a survey with the poll in Discord. To run the vote on the lower part of the survey bot, click on the button. On the phone, a survey form appears. Type the running time and key of your choices into your poll question.

The members who voted are not exposed to anyone, including you (the poll author), so you can perform your survey anonymously. Then pick the private or public poll (see the section below in detail) and click on the button. Your vote is going to run smoothly.

  1. Directly in the chat window

In any chat, you can also build polls by /poll. Type/vote, select the command, and enter it from the suggestions displayed. On the computer, the poll type is the show. Please fill out the details and start the survey.

Types of Discord poll

  • Private

The polling will take place in chats, and the vote will only be able to take place for the participants. For the sample, a limit. It can be picked from 4 conversations. You can then share the survey with other interviews under My Polls action.

  • Public

All polls in the organization, and hence the name, are open to everyone to vote. Public surveys are an excellent way for anyone in the company, whatever their team or department, to gain their opinion and input.

By law, public polling can only be performed by the company. It controls the start of open voting and prohibits all users from getting an unwanted ballot. The company administrators, however, have the power to extend public poll access to select few users or all Configure Action users.

Best Discord poll bots


A newcomer to the Discord music bot scene, Groovy keeps it secure and friendly and allows Discord channel members to queue a song playlist from many of the Internet’s universal outlets. Groovy is protected, it’s simple, and features an excellent range of commands to bring music and songs into a queue, as well as more new functions like lyrics and new songs to play with and slip around.


There is one reason MEE6 is one of the best available Discord bots. It provides extensive support and functionality. With even more apps, you can also upgrade to a premium abonnement kit. Many Discord bots are programmed to manage servers, and MEE6 does not deceive. To cover server spam issues, you can set automatic mod rules. MEE6 administrators may also set a “strike” mechanism to automate punishment if users break the standards regularly.

The modular RED approach does not mean that two RED servers are identical, but certain core features are present. Moderation, as MEE6, is a crucial characteristic. Trivia bots and casino games, music replay, GIF searches, self-service messages, and more are also available. Unlike MEE6, even bot commands can be customized. You can also personalize your bot’s name and avatar to suit your server’s design.


Dyno, used on over 1.6 million Discord servers, is another refined bot worth considering. A comprehensive online interface gives you complete control of customization is one of the most significant advantages. You don’t have to host yourself because it is hosted by the cloud dashboard Dyno. There are comprehensive adjustment devices with custom automated calculation triggers. Dyno makes it simple to build roles, enabling administrators to develop new server roles. You may also use “blank” commands to delete messages based on a user, device, or age to configure the service channel.

Discord is a perfect forum for small and large groups, with little or no entry costs. Bots like these support boost your server, add audio, games, and additional optimization to enhance your experience. Do you have a Discord server for yourself? Try this and let us know in the following comments your views.