How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

how to make selfies with dorian rossini

To understand the hype and scene behind the statement ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini’ is first to understand who he is. The statement can be quite confusing to people of all ages. ‘Who is Dorian Rossini?’ ‘What is so special about taking a selfie with him?’ are some of the most asked questions from people. This is a topic that has been popping up lately all over social media, and people are going crazy about it due to many reasons. Many people have confused Dorian Rossini with a mobile app. Since it is about selfies, some people think it is a mobile app that makes some extraordinary selfies. But Dorian Rossini is not a mobile app. 

An overview of Dorian Rossini’s music- Before discussing about How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

Dorian Rossini is not a music sensation yet. But with the upcoming fame, he will soon be one. What people did not know about Dorian Rossini is that he is a fantastic musician. His music is unique and exhilarating. He is an excellent dancer who is interested in making his own moves. Before all the hype took place regarding ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini,’ he was only focused on music and dance. He posted his music on Spotify and Youtube and became famous on those platforms. He is now renowned on iTunes as well. 

Dorian Rossini and his connection to ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini’

As confusing as the statement can be, Dorian Rossi is a human being. He is one of the most prominent electronic musicians from France. He is also a world-renowned dancer. Before all the hype regarding ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini’ arose, he was only famous for his music and dance. During his rise to fame, he also made some controversial statements that sought the attention of media immediately. Dorian Rossini is most famous for his two albums, ‘the Religion album’ and ‘Starmania.’ After 2010, he was involved in a lot of controversies as he sang a lot about religion and claimed that he is the ‘reincarnation of the Almighty God.’ 

make selfies with Dorian Rossini

In 2012, he appeared nude in Angels – Season 5, which brought a lot of attention from the media. Another incident involved him in trying to break into the castle of LA Star Academy, which was caught by the guards. On New Year’s Eve in 2013, he claimed to be Adam and posted a nude picture on Facebook and wished the fans a ‘Happy New Year.’ He started gaining grounds of fame with these bizarre incidents and claimed to be too perfect for a man. These happenings made him gain more than 60k followers on Facebook and more than 140k followers on Twitter

He also makes funny videos on Youtube and is known as the controversy king alongside his music industry. Not only that but also he is genuinely one of the unique electronic musicians who make excellent music and dance. He posts most of his music on Spotify and Youtube. Nevertheless, he is not a world-famous music sensation yet. But the path towards it has already begun with his huge fan base on social media.

The story behind ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini.’

The internet is a very strange place. It is a versatile platform that can make a person famous in minutes. One single thing can go viral in seconds and hit the top number in views. This happens when one person or a video’s name is searched on Search Engines more often. Dorian Rossini became famous by a single search by his name on search engines. Even though he had already begun his music and dance career, he started becoming famous with the statement ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini.’ 

People did not give much attention to this and considered this as an internet joke until a video was released by the Youtuber Jeremstar, interrogating Dorian Rossini. This video went viral when Dorian Rossini himself commented on the video in French saying ‘Faire design selfie avec Dorian Rossini’ and ‘Comment Rencontrer Dorian Rossini.’ This French comment by Dorian Rossini is translated into English as ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini.’ This comment is the beginning of the hype of making selfies with him.

When this comment by Dorian Rossini was linked to his nude selfie online, people ended up referring it as making selfies with Dorian Rossini. People started searching him online with this statement, thus making it famous and viral over the internet. According to Google’s reports, Dorian Rossini hit the top list of searches with over one million searches worldwide, making his net worth more than 500,000 dollars only because of the search. 

Is ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini’ the new trend?

Dorian Rossini

People got confused when they heard this statement. Some people thought this is the latest trend on Facebook or Instagram. Those who never saw the comment that was made by Dorian Rossini thought that there is a chance to meet this musician in person and take a selfie. This search keyword made himself a brand and an icon in the music industry. Because of this statement, people even started looking for his music, which made him even more famous.

A lot of people were misled with the thought that it is possible to get a selfie with him in person, and that is a new trend. But it is not the reality. Yes, it may be possible to take an actual selfie with Dorian Rossini if you meet him. But the statement ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini’ is just a comment on Youtube that featured on one of the Youtube videos by Jeremstar. 

Apart from being a great electronic musician and dancer, he is now among the most-searched people on the internet. It is a mere comment done by the artist himself that created such a big audience for himself. He is always online on social media, and his fans go crazy with his updates and shares on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People wait for his pictures so they can ‘make selfies’ with Dorian Rossini. As weird as it seems, it has become a craze among the young generation. It also gained considerable popularity for the Youtube Jeremstar, which was unexpected to happen. 

This is how the actual ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini’ came to life. 

The Internet is a vast platform. Anything and everything can happen in seconds over the internet. The whole world is connected through the internet, and it is easy to approach anyone via social platforms without having to commute and talk. With the increase in technology, many bizarre things are taking place. One such incident is ‘Faire design selfie avec Dorian Rossini.’ It is a french statement done by the famous musician and DJ Dorian Rossini on Youtube. This single statement became one of the most-searched keywords online and made Dorian Rossini a famous person overnight. 

Now, his insane fans are editing photos of Dorian Rossini and themselves to make the perfect selfie of both of them in one picture. They post this on social media with the hashtags ‘making selfies with Dorian Rossini’, #dorianrossini, #selfieswithdorianrossini, #howtomakeselfieswithdorianrossini, and #FairedesignselfieavecDorianRossini. You can find many of these selfies on social media, and almost all of them are edited or photoshopped. 

Top tips to make selfies with Dorian Rossini

  • Using Photoshop

You can edit a photo of yourself and Dorian Rossini to create the perfect selfie. There, you need a smartphone or a PC that has an internet connection. You have to open the browser of your device then and go to a search engine. In the search bar, you have to type ‘Dorian Rossini images.’ You will get millions of images of Dorian Rossini on any search engine. What you need to do is to scroll through until you find your favorite pictures of Dorian Rossini. When you are selecting the images, make sure you choose images that can be edited easily. 

Dorian Rossini

Once Dorian Rossini’s picture is downloaded to your device, you have to select a picture of yourself. You can take a selfie if you want to. Once both the images are downloaded (yours and Dorian Rossini’s), you have to open them in Photoshop. You can now edit both the pictures into one and make a selfie. Use ‘image masking’ in photoshop to merge the image of yourself and Dorian Rossini together. Once you merge the images together, resize them as desired. You have to save the edited image, and you have a ‘selfie with Dorian Rossini.’

  • Go to France

Since taking selfies with Dorian Rossini has become a hype, you can meet him yourself and click a picture. If you are a massive fan of Dorian Rossini’s music and dance, you can choose to go to France to meet him. The issue here is, it is more costly than just editing on photoshop. You need to have some cash for visas and tickets in order to visit France (unless you are French and reside in France). 

Search for his concert dates in France, which are quite frequent and book your tickets accordingly. You can enjoy his music and dance, and take a selfie with him in person. If you are very determined, you can run near the stage and get a selfie with Dorian Rossini. But if you miss the chance to get a selfie with him during his performances, you can go to Nice, Province-Alpes- Cote d’Azur, France, where he resides. You will be lucky if he agrees to take a selfie with you.

Just like with other celebrities, taking an actual selfie with Dorian Rossini is not the easiest of tasks. But you can give it a try by flying to France. But only the diehard fans will actually do that. 

‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini’ is a comment by himself.

As much as people go crazy with Dorian Rossini’s new hype, it all happened when he made a comment on a video that he was featured in. Imagine what a single Youtube comment can do?! No wonder people get famous overnight, and their videos go viral. ‘How to make selfies with Dorian Rossini’ is one of those incidents. 

Dorian selfie

People initially misinterpreted it with a mobile app. People thought it was a mobile app that enabled them to create selfies, especially the ones who never saw the Youtube video by Jeremstar. Because of this single comment, even Jeremstar Youtube got a massive number of searches on Youtube. It is one of the Internet incidents that took place and went viral. It hit number one in Belgium and went across the whole world.

Dorian Rossini is a unique musician who is specialized in Electronic music and dance. His fame hiked with the comment he made on Youtube, and now he is one of the most searched people online. If you are a supporter of Dorian Rossini, you also can try editing a picture of yours and attach it with him to create the perfect selfie with him. Make sure you know Photoshop first. It is not possible to edit correctly if you do not know Photoshop. If you are more than a fan, a diehard fan, you can spend your money to go and visit him to take a real selfie with him. You can make ‘how to make selfies with Dorian Rossini’ in your own way. The choice is yours!